General update

Things in London are going well. Joey has settled in quickly so far. I think the unlimited attention from Grandma and Grandad is helping. He loves the garden and helping my Mum pot plants and water things. He loves running up and down and squealing joyfully and he has blossomed so much in the past few days. He has always understood English but most of his vocabulary was Japanese but since we got here, his English vocabulary is taking off. When things get a bit more settled, I need to think about how we are going to keep his Japanese level up until he next sees Daddy. My job search seems to be going well. I have had two registration interviews at recruitment agencies that were very positive and then I had an actual job interview yesterday that went very well. Not sure how it is going to turn out but I should know in the next day or so. I have an interview for a recruitment consultant job this morning as well, but I am not sure if that is what I want to go into. The office does seem like a very nice place to work though. Having said that, much as I want to find a job sooner rather than later, it is all moving kind of quickly and I haven't even found a daycare place for Joey yet. There are so many things to consider. Living back at home is weird. I feel like a teenager again in that my parents are still having the same fights and moaning about the same things. Can't complain too much though because if they weren't willing to take us in then I wouldn't have been able to start this adventure so soon and so easily so for now I will just be grateful for what I have!


Lily said...

You really are amazing. I am so excited to read about all the adventures you will have in London in the coming months. Good luck with the job-hunting and interviews.

chelle said...

How exciting!

Sending positive job vibes your way!