Ringing in the changes...

After alot of thought I have decided to change my blog over to Typepad because much as I never wanted to pay to blog, I don`t want to give it up either and for various reasons, the privacy options offered by blogger aren`t enough at the moment. I am going to keep my new blog private so will be e-mailing those of you whose e-mail addresses I have with the new link but if anyone else wants it, please e-mail me: kags0203@yahoo.co.uk I am quite happy to give the address out to people I don`t know IRL but would at least like to have a rough idea of who you are/ how you found my blog before I give out the new address. I am sorry to police/ out so many of you in this way but I feel it is a necessary measure. Thanks Midori ETA that I will also send you the address if you leave a comment with your e-mail address in it.


Granny said...

Emailing you right now. I think you have my address but I'm not sure.

jan in nagasaki said...

me me me me!!!

I want to see your blog!!!

may I see your blog???

love jan